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I have wondered for years what to do with my store's blog. Talking about jewelry seems like the obvious route. But I simply have not been motivated to write endless articles about jewelry.

Since this is my online store and my blog, I have decided to try and write about something I am currently obsessed about and it is totally unrelated.

how to be happy in a 3rd world country #thesimplelifeI have spent the last year of my life reflecting on the topic of personal happiness. Wondering why I feel so unhappy when I appear to have everything. Currently I am doing some traveling in Bali, and now feel I have some answers.

One main thing, I noticed here in Bali are the locals live a simple life and seem content with what little they have. No tv, no computer and other things I have become so addicted to. I decided to make the conscious effort to simplify and feel like I am in such a happier state of mind.

In the past, I felt like I had to watch my tv shows or keep up on Facebook and Instagram. Now that I have taken a break from it all, I feel like I have so much more free time.

I try to go to the beach everyday for sunset. I take the time to eat breakfast. I check my social media at most once a day and just for around 30 mins. It is amazing how much more free time I seem to have found, literally.

I also took 3 scooter lessons, and can now ride a scooter (there will be a post on first time scooter riding). I also have been taking surfing lessons. I honestly thought surfing would be too hard. It is actually a lot easier than you think (I will post about this too).


  1. This blog will have an unrelated jewelry theme of living, finding and sharing happiness. I will talk about overcoming some of the simple fears of traveling alone and the reality of what traveling alone to foreign countries is really like.
  2. In my attempt to simplify my life, I have found so much free time when I chose to disconnect from my TV show addiction and constantly checking social media. I used the free time to enjoy the free and simple things in life and took the time to learn a few new things.

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